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We are scholars and practitioners in the behavioral sciences united by our commitment to free inquiry and truth seeking, which is aided by the discussion of ideas and hindered by their suppression.  In healthy scientific fields, incorrect ideas are debunked rather than censored, and their proponents are debated rather than punished. Although some theories in the natural and life sciences are so well-established that it would be perverse to contest them without extraordinary evidence, this is rarely true in the behavioral sciences.  Therefore, we reject orthodoxies, dogmas, norms, and truisms that are supposedly beyond challenge, debate, or critical evaluation.  We are united in our concern that important areas of the behavioral sciences - in research, practice, and policy work - have been increasingly captured by censorious ideological orthodoxies. Ideological worldviews and sociopolitical orthodoxies often are what limit free inquiry, scientific knowledge production, and real-world applications in the behavioral sciences, given that these disciplines often address or touch on contentious issues.

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